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Custom Countertops For Your Kitchen
Custom countertops are a great way to make your kitchen unique and stand out from the crowd. They give you the ability to create a customized look for your space, and can fit any budget.

The best part is that you can choose from a variety of materials, colors and designs to create the perfect countertop for your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, our experts will work with you to ensure your new custom countertops complement your home’s overall style and design.

Granite, Quartz and Marble Countertop Options
Granite is a naturally occurring stone that has been extracted from quarries. It is known for its durability, and it comes in a variety of beautiful shades and patterns. It is also scratch resistant, bacteria and heat-resistant, and can last a long time.

However, it is important to note that natural granite can be prone to chipping or cracking. It is recommended to use a durable cutting board to protect your countertops from this damage.

If you prefer a more classic look, then consider marble as your option for your countertop material. This type of natural stone has been around for centuries, and it remains a popular choice due to its timeless beauty.

Another benefit of marble is that it can be stained or painted, making it possible to match your new countertop to a wide variety of kitchen cabinets. It is also very affordable and can be used in a wide range of styles, including contemporary and rustic.

Engineered stone is a man-made product that mimics the look of granite, quartz and marble. It is more durable than marble and requires less maintenance. It is also available in a large variety of colors, designs and brands.

Ceramic Tile and Porcelain are some of the most stain-resistant options for kitchen countertops. They are a good choice for busy families and can be found in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Concrete countertops have become a trendy option as well, and are a wonderful way to bring the outside in. They are poured, set and sealed to the desired shape. They are very heavy and can be made in a variety of styles.

Besides being extremely stylish, concrete can be textured and can incorporate pigments and other materials such as glass to make a one-of-a-kind look. It is a bit more expensive than other counter materials, but it can be worth the cost for its durable nature and versatility.

The best part is that these types of countertops are easy to clean and do not require resealing or sanding like some other countertops. They are also more resistant to heat and scratches, which can be a big advantage for busy families and cooks.

If you’re looking for a more natural countertop, but do not want to invest in a custom piece of granite or quartz, consider butcher block. It is an excellent choice for a farmhouse or rustic style, and pairs perfectly with painted or white shaker cabinets.

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